Miri- The First Mising Rock Band


Aim to fill the void in the Mising music scene. MIRI, The band can be best described as an ensemble of musicians and friends from different walks of life, into different genre’ of music but with an instinct and desire to tinge Mising songs with flavors of blues rock and colors of psychedelic rock elements. Influences range from Rainbow to Pink floyd to Metallica to Dream theater. MIRI believes in making music to connect to the Mising youths and x-generation populations. An endeavor to pump Mising literature and language into the system where adrenaline run high, with rock music as a medium. Let’s Rock and let’s roll. MIRI the band i’rroi !Rajeev Doley – Guitar/Vocals
Jenson Modi – bass
Dalim Payeng – Drums
Arup Roy – Keyboards
Monideep Pegu – Percussions/Back vocals
John Patir – Visuals and Photography
Prasanta Narah – Publicity
Ronnie Bori – Executive Manager/Vocals OSD
Chiranjit ‘che’ Doley – Manager
Anoopom Bori – Manager(North Bank)
Treenanjan b. Phukan – OSD vocals and Logistic Manager
Zephyr gudang pegu– DesignsWebsite:
group of youths have come together to form a Mising rock band called Miri to reach out to the younger generation of the Mising community through the medium of songs.
“The younger generation, specially from urban areas, are losing interest in learning their mother tongue, which is an alarming trend. While new generations are swaying towards the world of music, Miri wants to infuse the desire of learning the language into Mising youths through songs.said Rajeev Doley(RD). a member of the band. RD said the band believes that music is a wonderful medium to spread the message of love, peace, goodwill and harmony.
He added that the word Miri represents the tune used by a mibu(priest in Mising Language)while chanting mantras, As a band, Miri is an ensemble of musician from different musical backgrounds.
RD is the vocalist and guitarist with roots in blues, rock and psychedelic rock. His influence range from Rainbow to Pink Floyd, Dire straits to Metallica.
The lyrics and music of Miri are all composed by Doley. Jenson Modi is the bassist in the band. Dalim Payeng, the Drummer, is more into folk rock and fusion music. Arup Roy, the keyboardist, is a trained Hindustani classical Musician.
The band from Jonai in Dhemaji, plans to Record a full-length album very soon. their first songs, Kalamang nok Miksi dilignamdam(i cant bear the tears rolling down your eyes), was dedicated to the bomb blast at Jonai in 2008 during Ali Aye- Ligang Festival.
Doley said the band plans to tour the entire state to showcase the rich tradition, culture and language of the Mising Community.

Orchid Blooming In My Garden

Revisited view from Ranaghat Bridge, Siang River, Pasighat

view from the Ranaghat Bridge
view from the Ranaghat Bridge
siang river sand n me
siang river sand n me


Fishermen over Siang River, Pasighat

Fishermen over Siang River, Pasighat
Fishermen over Siang River, Pasighat


Mariyang, Upper Siang, Arunachal Pradesh


Mariyang, Upper Siang, Arunachal Pradesh.


Mariyang, Upper Siang, Arunachal Pradesh


Shedding Summer with friends

leku river


BirdEye View of Suspension Bridge, Pangin, Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh)

BirdEye View of Suspension Bridge, Pangin
BirdEye View of Suspension Bridge, Pangin, Pasighat(Arunachal Pradesh)
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