Ain’t we all PUPPETS sometimes manipulated and controlled by others

He tells everyone a story because he feels his life is boring and he lies so you wont ignore him,because that’s is biggest fear and he cries, but you will rarely see him do it he loves, but he is scared to use it so he hides behind the music cause he like its that way.
He knows that he is so much more than worthless,He needs to find the surface because he is starting to get nervous.

He is calling out to you ,this is a call, this is a call Every time I fall down.I reach out to you and I am losing all control now and my hazard sign are all out.I am asking you to show me what this life is all about.

Have you ever felt this way before? Cause I don’t want to hide here anymore.Take me to a place where nothings wrong and thanks for coming.Shut the door they say someone out there sees us.

Well if you are real then save me JESUS Cause I have been this way.For far too long I was not meant to feel alone


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